People of Adoraith

It has been nearly a month since you left your home in search of adventure. Thus far, there has been little excitement and even less reward but you feel fortunate to have met the company of four others who share your love for travel. Your current employer, a boisterous merchant named Philmar, has hired you and your companions to escort him and his collection of rare pipes and hookahs to the town of Restenford for auction. Aside from Philmar’s constant jabbering and outlandish tales, the rugged road from Coleburn to Restenford proves to be a rather uneventful. As the road nears its end you begin to see Restenford in the distance. Before you lay a rather small town dominated by an impressive keep and surrounded by several temporary camps. “They are traders and merchants waiting for the next ferry south to Ashbourne” Philmar remarked. “And that” Philmar continues “that is Baron Grellus’ Keep.” Once you reach the outskirts of town the merchant reaches into his purse and hands you each ten gold pieces. With a grin Philmar yells “Good luck to you all and enjoy your stay in Restenford!” and then disappears into the town.

With little else to do you and your party begin to explore the town. After making your way through the bustling crowds and pushy vendors you decide to take a rest in a nearby glade. As the noise of the crowd fades behind you a single voice can clearly be heard coming from the glade. You move closer and see a Half-Elven woman, wearing the finest garments, speaking to a gathering of children. The children stare up at the attractive Half-Elf and listen intently. She begins to speak, “Children, our story, the story of all the peoples of Adoraith, dates back thousands of years. Today, we live in an age of prosperity but it was not always so. Our forefathers carved for us this life with their blood and sacrifice. To them we owe the greatest of debts and for that we must never forget their story. Their story begins with the Dwarves…”

The Dwarven Kingdom of Mauradure

The Dwarves were the first civilized people to settle Adoraith. Led by their first recorded Grandmaster (King), Orilund, they settled in the mountains today known as the Frozen Steps. Upon those rocky cliffs they founded their first city, the mountain fortress of Moria. Shortly after construction of Moria began the Dwarves realized that they were not alone in the region. Tribes of humanoids and goblinoids were scattered throughout the hills below and they soon became aware of the Dwarven presence. Orc raiding parties were the first to probe the Dwarven stronghold but full scale war shortly followed. In the battles that followed the hostiles proved to be no match for the superior training and armaments of the Dwarven Army. Orilund dubbed his campaign the Horde War after the seemly endless number of Orcs, Goblins, and other humanoids that were slaughtered. Dwarves Continued

The Elven Kingdom of Villandriel

The impact of the Horde Wars is seen most dramatically in the evolution of the Human and Elven Kingdoms. The Elves of Adoraith are descendants of a massive exodus of Drow who left the Underdark near the end of Orilund’s campaign. Without Orilund the Elves would have emerged into a savage land unequipped and unprepared for war. This is a fact that is not ignored by the Elves as they, along with the Dwarves, celebrate Orilund’s birthday each year. Elves Continued

The Human Kingdom of Maradune

The Humans too owe a debt to the conquests of Grandmaster Orilund. Human civilization was unable to advance past the tribal level due to the constant threat of humanoids and giant kin. The tribes were forced to relocate often to avoid the marauding creatures that would subjugate them. Following the Dwarven expedition to the region the Humans were able to establish permanent settlements. From there Human ingenuity and resourcefulness was able to lay the foundation for their civilization. Humans Continued

The Halfling Island of Meadow

Halflings had lived a simple pastoral life on the Island of Meadow for thousands of years. They had never desired power or to expand their borders preferring to focus on agriculture and the arts. Today their lives are entirely different. Roughly fifty years ago Halfling miners digging into a fresh vein of iron broke through into a deep network of catacombs. Within those catacombs lay horrors that, now disturbed, committed itself to the destruction of the Halfling race. Halflings Continued

The Island of Edrath

Known as the Savage Lands the Island of Edrath is one of the few places in Adoraith that Orilund’s armies never reached. The island is overrun with all manner of monsters and humanoids that are in constant conflict with not only the Barbarians but also each other. At one time the Barbarians were scattered into several tribes but the lessons of war have taught them that there is strength in numbers. Today the tribes have united under a single Chieftain named Solimyr. Edrath Continued

“That is today’s lesson children” the Half-Elf says while standing up and stretching her arms. “I hope to see you all tomorrow” she concludes with a smile. A small blond haired girl raises her hand and softly speaks “Lady Fairwind, what is going to happen next?” Fairwind kneels down to the child “That is for you to discover Amanda.” The group of children begins to disperse while the Half-Elf makes her way back towards the keep. You pause for a moment and think “Good question Amanda…what can we expect next?”

People of Adoraith

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