Harois Hairfoot

Halfing Wizard


The biography of Harois Hairfoot as dictated by an 8 year old.

Harois was bullied in school by a bully named Padlock but Harois was just a little hot dog then. Padlock was mean and told Harois that the gods were not real. But Harois knew they were. Padlock and his friends would make fun of Harois and beat him up. Harois promised that he would get revenge on Padlock and all of his friends. When Harois was in Restenford at Falco’s Tavern Padlock came in and Harois had to hide in a pickle barrel. Just before Padlock opened the pickle barrel Hrogan the warforged friend of Harois grabbed Padlock and kicked him out of Falco’s Tavern. Harois still wants revenge on Padlock but wants to adventure first.

Harois Hairfoot

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