Three years ago my sons (then 5 and 8) came to me and asked if they could play D&D. I was excited by the idea having started gaming with my brother around that same age over thirty years ago. Since that time we have made numerous characters, explored rules, tried different classes and races, and killed a truck load of monsters. However, we have never put it all together into a single campaign world until now. I have decided to resurrect my original Adoraith campaign setting that I retired a few years ago and let my boys have a crack at stopping the forces of evil from overrunning the young Kingdoms of Adoraith.

The original lands of Adoraith started as just boredom fueled sketches I made during high school (obviously from the city names I was going through my Tolkien phase about that time). Eventually I took those sketches and drew them out on two 18″×36″ pieces of drawing paper and with the help of friends added terrain and color (you can see the finished product here). I had every intention of using the new maps but my gaming group of the time was centered around another homebrew campaign that I had developed and we couldn’t seem to let go of those characters and lands. So I filed the maps away and forgot about them. When I went away to college my gaming group split up and I started thinking about those old maps that we had made in high school. I pulled them out and began to develop countries, story lines, and NPCs. Most of the history of Adoraith actually came from the events and adventures of my high school gaming group. I ran this campaign from 2003 to its climax in 2008. Now, my boys are taking over where my “adult” group left off. Wish them luck, they will need it!

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